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Domestic Terror Organizations

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Oct 12, 2007
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FBI — Domestic Terrorism: Focus on Militia Extremism

It's not like there is probabley not alot of these folks running around, But these nine got caught.

Reasons other than "Protecting the Constitution' and "Defeating Foreign Invaders" seems to rather be
" I like dressing up in camo" and," I like playing war games" ; but are to embarassed to say so in court.
I don't see most Joe Smiths, dressing up in camo, camping out in the woods, shooting at targets at 50 meters, as someone whom wants to protect the constitution. I just do not see it. I see an indiviudal of below level intelligence, wanting some excitement from their boring and less than normal income life. And enjoys paramiltiary practice, without the strains and discipline, and formal training.

Weapons are a $200.00 SKS rifles, a cheap and well worn 8 millimeter Mauser, about a $150.00 Mossburg 12 gauge and others. Not exactly a well funded Militia group huh. But, conspiracy and planing to commit a terror act is Illegal, and punishable under Federal Statutes.

Is Domestic Militias a serious concern in America? Can U.S Government Law Enforcement provide the manpower to cover domestic bad guys as well as foreign terrorist? What is the intelect difference between domestic and foreign threats?

Disregarding the shooting in Ohio a few years back ( Ohio highway patrol and neo nazi's - Ohio Shootout Caught On Tape - YouTube ) ; where did the Neo-Nazi's go? Have they basically disbanded, decreased in size significantly, lost interest?

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I'm sure another large attack will happen in the United States. but when....

Security analyst: Oslo-type attack in U.S. likely in next few years - Published 21 September 2011

ATF American/Canadian Northern Border Extremists
There appears to be a significant number of domestic extremist groups operating in
Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Michigan, and Washington.

White House Strategy for Countering Violent Extremism in the United States
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