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Download freq

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Jul 25, 2009
FreeSCAN and bcTool (although the latter would crash on me) are two examples of free programs you can use. You first install the driver for the USB-1, then you open up your application (USAD will NOT handle RR data) and you connect to the RR database through the application and download the information to your scanner.

I had to re-tag every single alpha tag I encountered, you will see a lot of cryptic alpha tags like RCR COMND 1 (Huh?) because the database assumes you have a scanner with 8 digit alpha tags with only capital letters (though not always) and numerals. The Unidens have 15 character alpha tags with upper and lower case with symbols and numerals. I like to make my alpha tags descriptive: eg instead of something like "XMR EMS", to "EMS Mut. Aid 2". I also make my systems and groups more descriptive than what they give you -- for instance all my trunked systems show up like this: "Alemeda Cnty TK" while the conventional systems show up like "Northern Area C". (Obvious exceptions are like CHP, which I know is conventional.)
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