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DSD+ FL - Auto tune gone sour

Jun 12, 2013
Right. I am monitoring a DMR frequency and all works great. But there is a CAP+ site adjacent. It pulses on and off (rest channel). Inch by inch, FMP24 fine-tunes into it (5Hz I think at a time every second). This occurs if there is no activity on the DMR site.

I have invoked "-b-22.0" as I find that the audio comes thru better on decode. 12.5KHz causes some issues. f is spot on, BTW.

Once there is activity on the DMR f, things lock on and there is no issue.

Question is, is there a way of disabling the fine tuning feature of FMP24 ? Or, if not, can it be added by the DSD+ FL team? Obviously this would be a low priority for them.

Thanks and thanks team!