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DSDPlus DSDPlus Starting Fresh


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May 12, 2003
Orangeville, Ontario
I'd like to do a fresh start on DSD+FL. I got a couple of airspy units and had previously removed the airspy files from my setup.

My first available update was 2.98, then 2.113, then 2.145, and now 2.155.

I no longer have access to 2.98, 2.113, or 2.145. What's my best option to do a full, clean install on top of 1.101?


OH/WV DB Admin
Database Admin
Dec 5, 2006
Carroll Co OH / EN90LN
From your Notes.txt file in your latest FL version:

If you do not have a DSD+ folder set up yet, go to DSDPlus.com and download
the most recent public version of DSD+ (currently 1.101) and unzip all of the
files to a folder on your PC. We recommend using C:\DSDPlus.

Note: If you download DSD+ 1.101, you should also download the DSD+ DLL package
from DSDPlus.com

If you are a new Fast Lane member, you should also download this file:


Extract the libfftw3f-3.dll file from the zipfile (it is the largest file in the zipfile)
and copy it to your DSD+ folder.

So, basically, go to Download – DSDPlus and download the DSDPlus 1.01 and DSDPlus 1.01 DLL archives. Unarchive them to a brand new empty folder (preferred, c:\DSDPlus).

Then unarchive your FL distribution into the new folder, overwriting any of the 1.01 stuff with the 2.155 stuff when necessary.

Then download the fftw stuff from the link above and extract libfftw3f-3.dll into your new folder.

Hmmmm. the 2.155 doesn't contain enough stuff. Mine only had DSDPlus.exe -- no FMP24 / FMPA / LRRP stuff or anything like that. Hmm. I think you should contact dsdplusfastlane@gmail.com and request the necessary back-archives that would provide you with the other things you need.
Sep 19, 2002
Toronto, Ontario
This is what happens if you don't keep copies of your updates. And storing them on Gmail's servers doesn't work any more. I would just ask the FL folks for a full (all files) update. They should be able to do something.