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DTRS v. VHF-Hi County listings


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Apr 20, 2003
Sand Springs OK
Travel plans this summer include about a week at an RV park in La Veta (Huerfano County) so I was looking at the trunked listings and the county listing in the database. I see that most agencies have both DTRS allocations and their VHF-Hi frequencies. I'm wondering if the agencies have totally left VHF or if there may still be traffic there. It's not a problem to set up both in my scanner, just wondering which will be the more active. Primary reason for monitoring is the bad fire season the area went through last year so staying informed seems a prudent choice.

As a side note, any thoughts from amateurs on the repeaters serving the area would be welcome, too. Also planning on some portable HF ops to fill my time.

TIA for responses...