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E-11A BACN Pre-Flight Footage

Nov 16, 2014
Hertfordshire, UK
Good Morning N1GAW and rest of group,
E-11 flew into my Base , RAF Mildenhall (USAF base in East of England) using callsign Velcro 04 on the 11th March this year (Tail no 11-9358) for a " Gas 'n' go" before returning Stateside.
Believe there are some photos on popular website FighterControl
Hope that helps,


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Jan 14, 2001
Northeast Maryland
VELCRO-04 11-9358 inbound Dover AFB 0310z req parking and fuel for gas and go.
CP didn't quite understand type.. repeat again we are an Echo-11.
This tail went to Edwards area back in March flying around with ARRIS test callsign and
headed back overseas again it seems logged Maine at 0605z this morning after Dover stop.
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