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Easier to understand manual for BCT8

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Aug 30, 2011
I know this is a popular scanner but as we all know the manual is, to be kind, useless or near enough so to be very frustrating.
I have programed in my frequencies, programed the talkgroups etc and still cannot make the trunking work. When I am in the trunking mode and the screen says I am scanning, it shows:

TRUNK E List 2
B1 id SCAN

Unless I am incorrect this should be scanning in TRUNK mode, using the EDACS system, the scan list of talkgroups I programmed in Bank 1....when I do this I hear nothing at all. It seems to scan but does not lock onto any signals.

Now when I press the SRCH button the BANK 1 blinks, it shows 3-5 04-036, which indivates a talk group. When set like this I catch all kinds of traffic, from all the talkgroups, not just the ones I have programmed in.
I have read the manual many times and was hoping there was a better one available out there. Thanks in advance for the assistance.
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