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Elkins area frequecies ID

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Apr 4, 2004
I went on a trip to your beautiful state in the Elkins area. While I was there I was doing a search with my PSR800 and here is a list of frequencies and PL's that some of you may need ,but I could not ID them. I submitted the ones to the database that I could ID. The State Police UHF P25 system sounded great BTW.

VHF high

155.490 dpl 251
154.570 dpl 627
155.280 dpl 723
153.860 141.3
155.565 151.4
158.820 131.8
154.085 151.4

VHF low band

46.140 241.7
42.060 151.4
43.200 141.3


452.700 dpl 065
453.800 dpl155
452.800 dpl546

Hope you guys can use this info,have fun !
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