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Emergency Fire CAD App

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Mar 5, 2003
I found an interesting app for IOS/Android systems. It is called Pulsepoint... it is really to help notify laypeople of a need for CPR in their immediate area, but I found that LACoFD's CAD is linked to it, and when you select LACoFD as the dispatch center you are interested in, and activate alerts for the types of calls you are interested in (i.e. confirmed structure fires, Hazmat, etc...), it sends an alert to your device with the dispatch info. Also, the dispatch/active call screen shows the active incidents (for medical aids, it only shows street, not exact address) and the status of the units attached.

There is also a Blue 8 feed link, so you can listen to Blue 8 dispatch at the same time.

There are other departments online also, so you can pick one at a time to monitor/see their CAD...but it is interesting that LACoFD is on board, with a CAD link to this app.
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