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Erie PD

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Dec 5, 2006
Erie, CO
Hi folks-

I'm just getting set up with my BCD436HP and having trouble locating the Erie PD/Fire etc.
I saw sometime back TGIDs of 9100 on the Colorado DTRS, are those right?
Those are listed as "Boulder County Law..." or "County Law Enforcement..."

Jun 29, 2009
Yes, 9100 is the talkgroup you want to monitor for Erie PD. They are "Edward" units dispatched by Boulder County. They use primarily use DTRS for communications, which is linked full time to Boulder County's analog frequencies if you would like another option for monitoring them.

Erie does not have their own fire department, they are covered by Mountain View Fire Rescue. I believe all dispatches for Erie area calls will be on Boulder County Fire. They are the 2200s units (typically 22#6 or 22#8). They are similar to PD where they will use DTRS TG 9104 in Boulder County, which is linked full time to Boulder County's analog frequencies. I have not monitored them in many years, but I believe there are instances where they will use their own TGs on DTRS and quite possibly on FRCC.

The Boulder County wiki page has a lot of good information for monitoring in Boulder County.
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Jan 20, 2002
Greeley, CO
Also available on the Boulder County Law and Fire VHF channels as well since both VHF and DTRS are full time simulcast.

While Mountain View Fire is primarily dispatched by Weld County on FRCC they are dispatched
by Boulder County on their Fire channels on VHF/DTRS as well. Add all the Boulder County FTAC groups to your radio.

Use the Gunbarrel DTRS site for Boulder County/Erie and the Niwot FRCC site for Mountain View Fire. Note that all Weld fire agencies, except Greeley, are dispatched on the Weld Fire dispatch talkgroup. The Fireground Talkgroup on FRCC for Mountain View is fireground 12.
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