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ESPN Inaugural Moto X World Championships

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Dec 19, 2002
ESPN Special

ESPN Announces Inaugural Moto X World Championships
New Action Sports World Championship Event Scheduled to Take Place
April 12-13, 2008 at San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium
SAN DIEGO – ESPN, The Worldwide Leader in Action Sports, the San Diego International Sports Council and Qualcomm Stadium today announced the launch of a new action sports championship event from the ESPN X Games team -- the Moto X World Championships. The annual event will feature the best Moto X riders in the world competing for the title of Moto X World Champion in a variety of disciplines including Freestyle, SuperMoto, Best Trick, Step Up and Moto X Racing. The inaugural Moto X World Championships is scheduled to take place April 12-13, 2008 at Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, Calif., and will mark the first time ESPN’s X Games team has returned to the city since it hosted the X Games in 1997 and 1998. Live coverage of the Moto X World Championships will be featured on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN360.com and EXPN.com.

ESPN Productions, Inc (Qualcomm Stadium)
[The radios will be used to coordinate event activities such as crowd
control, medical assistance and general operations.]
Control Point 1 - 1 ESPN Plaza, Bristol CT 860-766-2000
03/13/2008 License Issued
Special Temporary Authority expires 04/30/2008
1 - San Diego (SAN DIEGO) CA 12.0 KMRA around a center point 32-12-50.3
N 117-17-27.6 W
451.1875 MO 4e
456.5625 MO 4e
456.6875 MO 4e
457.3125 MO 4e
457.5125 MO 4e
457.7625 MO 4e
462.1875 MO 4e
462.2125 MO 4e
462.2625 MO 4e
451.4125 MO 4e
451.2875 MO 4e
451.3125 MO 4e
451.3625 MO 4e
451.3875 MO 4e
452.8625 MO 4e
452.7625 MO 4e
451.4625 MO 4e
451.4875 MO 4e
451.5125 MO 4e
451.5625 MO 4e
451.6875 MO 4e
451.7375 MO 4e
452.0375 MO 4e
452.0625 MO 4e
452.1375 MO 4e
452.1625 MO 4e
452.1875 MO 4e
452.3125 MO 4e
452.4875 MO 4e
452.5125 MO 4e
452.6625 MO 4e
452.6875 MO 4e
456.1875 MO 4e
456.2875 MO 4e
456.3125 MO 4e
456.3875 MO 4e
456.4125 MO 4e
456.4625 MO 4e
456.4875 MO 4e
456.5125 MO 4e
462.3625 MO 4e
462.3875 MO 4e
462.4625 MO 4e
462.5125 MO 4e
451.2375 MO 4e
451.3375 MO 4e
451.4375 MO 4e
451.7125 MO 4e
462.5125 MO 4e
451.5875 MO 4e
452.8375 MO 4e
452.6375 MO 4e
456.5875 MO 4e
457.1875 MO 4e
457.6375 MO 4e
457.4875 MO 4e
457.8375 MO 4e
2 - San Diego (SAN DIEGO) CA 12.0 KMRA around a center point 32-46-59.3
N 117-7-10.2 W
451.1875 FB2T 20e
451.5875 FB2T 20e
452.1875 FB2T 20e
452.4875 FB2T 20e
452.8375 FB2T 20e
452.6375 FB2T 20e
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