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F-15E Emergency Landing Huntsville Intl (KHSV)

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Feb 28, 2013
Athens Alabama
Today was an interesting day with some F-15E making the trek across the country to Nellis Afb,when one had an issue:

HOIST 94 KC-10A 84-0186 305Th Amw in the block 25,000-27,000 with GUNDOG 11 X 8 (F-15E) 336Th Fs/4Th Fw up on 285.55 Memphis Atc,we are now flight of 7 2 pulled off with emergency.

GUNDOG 15 X 2 285.55 GUNDOG 15 We are pulling off Hoist 94 and have an Emergency ,need to go to Huntsville International Immediately,roger Engine Malfunction,roger down to 17,000 307.00 Memphis Center,239.00 Huntsville Approach we are with you down to 11,000 flight of 2 F-15 with an engine issue,roger that we will do an overhead and than fullstop cleared for 18 Left roger,350.35 Huntsville tower Gundog 15 Emergency aircraft with you for final 18 left,full stop,Rescue 4 Emergency aircraft is first aircraft,but they are coming in as flight of two,you can take the runway after the second aircraft.
Not open for further replies.