F52v programming help?

Apr 10, 2018
I just ordered a f52 radio for use as a pager/radio as a volunteer firefighter. I also ordered the necessary software/cables for programming.

Im a software programmer in a past life and consider myself a quick study but holy crap, icoms progressing software doesn't make any logical sense to me.

My county uses a basic vhf system with no encryption or trunking.

I want to program both paging for my station and radio setup for multiple channels across the county. Just to program one page setup seems to have me bounce from memory ch, call list, analog 2tone code ch, and analog 2tone profile.

Programming a scan list for a channel also seems to be unnecessarily complicated. The fact that I don't understand the jargon/acronyms used in the radio community doesn't help (especially because the help file that the software provides, assumes you know what they are talking about).

And how, I would like to actually learn how to program this thing. Even looking at a sample file would help immensely to reverse engineer how to set this thing up.

Google searching send to only provide information regarding advanced setup like with repeaters and encryption. Again, assuming you have the basics understood already.

Thanks for any help!

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