FCC Grants SpaceX NGSO V-band Authorization


Jul 30, 2008
W.Babylon N.Y. 11704
Full Title: Space Exploration Holdings, LLC Application for Approval for Orbital Deployment and Operating Authority for the SpaceX V-band NGSO Satellite System

Document Type(s): MOO&A

Bureau(s): International

Grants the application to construct, deploy and operate a proposed non-geostationary orbit (NGSO) satellite system using frequencies in the V-band

DA/FCC #: FCC-18-161
File #: SAT-LOA-20170301-00027



This is Part of the MEMORANDUM OPINION, ORDER AND AUTHORIZATION The Rest of the Report is at the Link Posted in the docs

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1. In this Memorandum Opinion, Order and Authorization, we grant the application of
Space Exploration Holdings, LLC (SpaceX){1} to construct, deploy and operate a proposed nongeostationary orbit (NGSO) satellite system using frequencies in the V-band.{2}
We defer action, however,on SpaceX’s request to use the 50.4-51.4 GHz band for service and gateway uplinks. In granting this application, we address concerns expressed by commenters seeking various conditions on the grant. SpaceX’s V-band operations will augment the capabilities of SpaceX’s Ku-band and Ka-band NGSO system that was recently authorized.{3}

Grant of this application will enable SpaceX to provide both diverse geographic coverage and the capacity to support a wide range of broadband and communications services for residential, commercial, institutional, governmental and professional users in the United States and globally.{4}

2. Application. On March 1, 2017, SpaceX filed an application for a proposed NGSO fixedsatellite
service (FSS) satellite system in the V-band.{5}

The proposed SpaceX system consists of the addition of V-band frequencies to the 4,425 NGSO satellites previously authorized to allow the use of both Ku- and V-band spectrum for user links, and both Ka- and V-band spectrum for gateway links and tracking, telemetry, and command functions. SpaceX also proposes to add a very-low-Earth orbit (VLEO) NGSO constellation, consisting of 7,518 satellites operating at altitudes from 335 km to 346 km,using V-band spectrum for all links to and from associated earth stations. The V-band frequencies proposed are: 37.5-42.0 GHz (space-to-Earth), and 47.2-50.2 GHz, and 50.4-51.4 GHz (Earth-to-space).{6} In its application, SpaceX sought certain waivers of the Commission’s rules.{7}