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FDNY Dispatch listing changes in the DB

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Oct 4, 2007
I've separated the base and mobile frequencies for the FDNY Dispatch listings, as well as moved the UHF frequencies above the VHF frequencies.

The mobile frequencies have always been listed, but were listed as the inputs to the base frequencies, i.e. as if they were traditional repeaters. They cannot be easily downloaded via software because of that, and you won't even see them on the DB page unless you have Show Inputs enabled. Trouble is, the FDNY doesn't use traditional repeaters on those frequencies, they use a mixer that is manually turned on and off by the dispatcher. Yes, when the mixer is on, the base retransmits the mobiles just like a normal repeater, however when the mixer is off you will not hear the mobiles. Additionally, if you are nearby an incident and want to listen to a "mixer off message", you don't have easy access to the mobile frequencies to monitor directly. Changing the listings corrects these issues.

Moving the UHF frequencies above the VHF frequencies in the listing was done to reflect the fact that the VHF frequencies will not be narrowbanded, and will be turned off by the end of this year.
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