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Fed freqs.

Jul 8, 2002
$B10 from the Atlanta area has been a mystery, likely a VS [Vote Scan] network with 7 other Repeaters.
my inclination is ICE which used a different set of NAC's in years past.

$B00 is part of the Atlanta NET, but in NC

Would happen to know who 172.7125 NAC B10 may be. Before today maybe a hit once a week. Today over 50 hits all ENCed. Thinking my have to do with Trump coming here.
Mar 2, 2007
Russell Co. Ala.
At home i have a ant. about 50 feet in the air, so i my be picking them up that far away. But i have been in Columbus GA. with my 436 and the rubber ducky and have got 4 bars. Only heard them run tags a few times mostly "Test Test can you hear me"