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Finally ordered a BCD 996xt

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Jan 17, 2007
Lancaster County pa
So I finally ordered a BCD 996XT. I have freescan set up, and have Lancaster set up the way I want it. I will just have to connect it when it gets here.

I have it put as

System: Lancaster
Group 1: Police
Group 2:Fire/EMS
Group 3:Misc

Just two questions. I should be able to pick up Dauphin County fire dispatch from Manhiem Township right? I know I picked it up in Ephrata before. Or would I pick it up better using their digital system? I know their dispatch and Ops are open.

Another question is, since I goto dauphin alot, I know their police side is encrypted however I take notice Middletown is only digital.

"11301 2c25 D MdltwnPD Dsp Middletown Boro. PD - Dispatch Law Dispatch " Do they use this alot? Or do they just use the encrypted channels? I was thinking about putting the system in my scanner and using the TMI site Freqs.
Not open for further replies.