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Firefighter threatened with shotgun on Covelo North Pass Fire

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Aug 17, 2011
State Of Jefferson
Covelo, CA according to the KMUD-FM 6:00 PM news for August 31st, 2012 a firefighter, in full uniform, driving a well marked CDF truck was threatened by a 21 year old pot farmer...

The grow was described as small...

The firefighter continued with his fire suppression tasks but reported the incident, and the 21 year old was arrested and taken to Mendocino Co Jail on 3 charges. The suspect is believed to not be the land owner...

to hear the complete news story: www.kmud.org go to Archives, navigate to Friday, Aug 31st, 6:00 PM news..

Mendocino County Sheriff Dept does have a web site that details all bookings into the county jail...
Aug 16, 2008
The area also was clearly marked with a mandatory evacuation order when Santa Rosa resident Veda Bennett-Swank, 21, drove up to the firefighter, demanded he leave and glanced down at a shotgun he was holding between his legs and pointing directly at the firefighter, the sheriff's office said.

The firefighter fled and notified authorities, who found a similar vehicle at a nearby residence.
Pot grower in Mendocino County suspected of gun threat | PressDemocrat.com
Dec 4, 2009
$20,000 bail for this moron who threatens a firefighter with a shotgun, and not only that has a pot grow to boot?

Domestic violence bail is higher than this!

This guy needs the book thrown at him.
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