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Firmware Update Worse!

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Apr 22, 2008
I have to admit installing the update went off without a hitch thanks to Upman, but I have to say my 386T now sounds almost un-readable to the point I cannot even listen to the AP25 clearly? It sounded ok on the previous version when I bought it 3 months ago! I only listen to 2 channels on the Conventional Digital here in Lake County, FL. and 1 on analog. I noticed the AP25 error's that was 7-24 previously set on 11 is now 59 and higher on all 1-20 settings? also I noticed the full bar reception is now oscillating between 3 and full instead of the usual full bars! I am about to send the radio back to Uniden since I have left emails with Tech. Support and they DO NOT return emails? maybe my situation is isolated but you would think they would value there customers a little better after spending that kind of money for a Hand Held Scanner.

Anyone else getting more trouble after updating to the new firmare? and should I try to re-install the firmware again? the loader installed without any errors and then I installed the V2 firmware update without any errors? So I am assuming the update doesn't do my area any justice, I could deal with the audio before the update atleast I could understand the dispatcher all the time!

Not open for further replies.