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First Lady coming to Galveston

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Feb 14, 2006
Alvin, TX
Next week the First Lady and several VIPs will be coming to Galveston to attended the commissioning of a new submarine. I am sure there will be lots of radio traffic across alot of agencies during that time.


Mar 1, 2005
Well this is radio-groovy, but - no I won't go political here.

Best of listening to those in the area. FBI, SS, Mil-Air, and other bands ought to be hot with this happening. Program every Mil,SS,FBI,Black Ops,Federal, freq you can find in your receiver.
(This is why I love Win96, I just set up a folder and program it. Then when the madness ends I can load the old folder. Tastey...

Nuetral Comment- as best as I can restrain my fingers, (Much deleted in keeping with my opening statement.)

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