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First-time owner with BDC296XT - GMRS FRS Question

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Nov 22, 2013
Boca Raton, FL
I am a first-time scanner owner. I recently purchased a BCD396XT (sorry for the typo in the title) with a Watson SMA-881 Super Gainer. I am using ARC-XT Pro and RR to program and so far everything is going great. I live on the 17th floor in a condo so I am getting pretty good coverage on several local South Florida agencies. Tonight, I added GMRS, FRS, and MURS frequencies and I am not getting any legible reception. I am receiving numerous strong and loud hits on GMRS and a few FRS hits but they are all just a low growling sound that lasts a few seconds.

Are these illegible hits I am getting due to inadequate antenna? I am considering switching to a WAN-97A or a WBV-60 installed inside my condo. Or, could they be encrypted traffic? I have read that GMRS and FRS are not encrypted. Any education or advice will be appreciated. If there is a term that is used to describe these illegible growling transmissions I will be happy to look it up in the FAQs or forums to see if this has been covered elsewhere but being a newbie I wasn't sure what they are called.
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