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Flight Display is Back - for Kinetic SBS-1 and PlanePlotter Radar Flight Tracking.

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Dec 19, 2002
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Flight Display News Release for the Aircraft Monitoring Enthusiasts.

Flight Display is Back - Current version: 7.5

A free add-on for the Kinetic SBS-1 and PlanePlotter
Better accurate information, Than what AirNav RadarBox software provides for their flight route database.

Feature List

* Supports SBS-1 and PlanePlotter as data source
* Looks up route details from its own internal database or from major internet lookup sites
* Ability to insert the IATA or ICAO codes for departure and destination locations into the PP routes field
* Can run from the tasktray
* Autostart with timer
* "MouseMode" - user defined information and images displayed at the current mouse position
* Metar display
* SBS daily report
* Routes can be displayed on the Basestation radar display or in the aircraft list
* Records can be expired if older than user defined time period
* Internet lookup from user defined look up sites ( supported sites Flightstats, Flytecom, FlightAware, Flight Routes Lookup service, Libhomeradar)
* Amount of route detail displayed can be defined by the user
* Option to display route distance for found flights.
* Route detail consistent, irrespective of source of information - based on internal airport lookup table
* Monitor user defined area of airspace for flights or all aircraft or only positionless aircraft
* Monitored area can be outlined on the Basestation or PP display
* Log details of flights found in monitored airspace to text or HTML file or internal database
* Level of information in log file can be defined by the user
* Log file can be emailed to user specified destination at the end of each day
* FD database viewer with the ability to query FD data and export information to a comma delimited file or HTML
* Able to delete records matching user criteria from FD tables
* Able to view existing downloaded images for user defined parameters
* Able to query flight data log including associated images
* Alert for user defined - Flight, Aircraft registration, ModeS, Aircraft type ICAO code, Squawk, SBS Interested Field
* Track aircraft on alert (planeplotter mode only)
* Send Alert Email
* Record on alert
* Great circle route calculator
* Squawk lookup utility
* Import user generated route data into FD via comma delimited files
* Refresh/update airport lookup data
* Import data from Ian Garton's "Additional Data Gathering Tool" routes database
* Export FD data to the "Additional Data Gathering Tool" routes database
* Backup of FD, Basestation databases, Basestation directory structure or images directory

More details or software support at:


FlightDisplay Returns

RadarSpotters Fourm: Flight Display is Back

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