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Florida Users and Home Patrol?

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Sep 22, 2010
Palm Beach, Florida
I just picked up a Home Patrol in addition to my 396XT & 996XT and trying to get used to it as I learn new things.

Anyone in the Palm Beach, Broward, Dade area using a Home Patrol? I'm curious what your set up is, specifically favorites list.

For example, currently with my 396XT & 996XT, I have Broward County Sheriff's office on SO 0 bank 3. Fort Lauderdale PD is on bank 2. I have Palm Beach Sheriff on S2 bank 1. So on my scanners, I can hit .21 to get right to PBSO and when I am can pick up BSO, I hit 3 or 2. I like being able to quickly access my channels on and off that way.

Right now, on my Home Patrol, I have my favorites lists set up by County. So I have Broward County and that includes all Sheriff, Police, Fire, etc. Then I have another list of Palm Beach County. Having it that way has a bunch of channels to scan. So if I want to hear Ft. Lauderdale right away, it seems more a pain to go find it versus simply hitting "2" on my 396/996XT.

I'm curious how others have their favorites lists to make it easier to get to the systems / channels you want to listen to. I am wondering if it would be better to do a favorites called "Broward County Law" and one "Broward County Fire" and so on. This would put less channels in each favorite list, but it would add more favorite lists.
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