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Forest County dispatchers receive award

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Feb 3, 2004
From the The Forest Republican

Forest County Sheriff's Department dispatchers receive award for work on day of the Crandon shooting

Forest County Sheriff's Department dispatchers were presented with the Telecommunicator of the Year award at a ceremony in Stevens Point on Thursday, April 17th, for their dedication on handling the numerous calls to dispatch on October 7, 2007.

"...all of the deputies were instrumental in handling the horrific event which took place on October 7, 2007," wrote Forest County Sheriff's Department Jail Administrator George Stamper in a letter to nominate 15 members of his staff. "The 911 calls began flooding our dispatch, officers had to be dispatched, SERT was called out, EMS was dispatched, notification of the events needed to be called to all off duty supervisors, off duty personnel needed to be called in, the public was calling for information and the news media was relentless in trying to get information from us."

According to Stamper, in the ten hours between 2:49 a.m. and 12:49 p.m. when the shooter, off duty Forest County Sheriff's Department deputy Tyler Peterson, was down, the dispatch center handled 1,046 telephone calls and radio traffic transmissions on their two recorded lines. The staff also had the additional responsibility to run the jail as all the deputies are cross-trained in corrections and communications.

"We had phone calls from all corners of the world," said Stamper.

Among those receiving the award is Cpl. Dana Bailey, Cpl. Rob Jaeger, Deputy Robb Koplien, Cpl. Bill Voss, Deputy Robert Warning, Deputy Jason Theune, Deputy Glenn Evans, Deputy Jeff Collins, Deputy Michelle Huml, Cpl. Josh Bradley, Deputy Jesse Jezeski, Deputy Melvin Donek, Deputy Randi Bates, Deputy Jeanie Pitts and Deputy Melissa Rosio.

"...I have nothing but praise for the professionalism shown by all my staff during this stressfull time," wrote Stamper, after expressing his hope that officers from the Crandon Police Department would also someday be recognized for their heroism.
Dec 22, 2001
Marinette County, WI
well deserved awards indeed.

speaking of Forest Co, are you aware of any simplex fireground frequencies that the county fire dept's use? I copied traffic of a brush fire last weekend on the main channel but very little on scene comms were heard. I see here on RR 154.415 and 155.055 listed for use by the town of Alvin but I have yet to hear these used. Just wondering if we're missing something here. My old records have 154.190 PL 127.3 as a tactical channel but that is now Crandon's fire repeater. :confused:
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