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Fort Bend Uniden 396xt ACR-XT Basic

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May 1, 2010
San Mateo County
Hey all,
i am moving to Sugar Land TX here real soon. i am trying to reprogram my scanner for the new area.

but i a having some problems and need some help.
ill list what i have first.
Subscription to here radioreference.com
Uniden 396XT scanner
Butel Arc-XT Basic

with this i can connect to the RR DB and download freqs, but i have no idea how to really get things organized like they were when i bought it from ScannerMaster and had them program it.

when i go to TX>fort bend>Texas wide area radio network>trunk systems
i select talk groups that i want, but then it tells me to pick at least 1 site.
i have no idea what site i need to pick or how many.
this is the most confusing part to me.

would anyone be able to help me out with this project?
Not open for further replies.