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FreeSCAN 0.6 Available, w/SC230 Support

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Aug 26, 2007
Ontario, Canada
It has been a long time coming but this new and greatly improved version is finally out!
See below for changes and improvements.

If you don't already have at least FreeSCAN 0.5 installed, get it at

If you already have it installed, upgrade to version 0.6 (self-extracting file)

SC230 Users
-This new version has experimental support for the SC230 scanner
-I do not have one to test on, so I'm relying on you guys to tell
me whether it is actually working or not.
-"Race" systems are unsupported, they are treated as conventional systems.
-I have no idea what the difference between a race and conventional system is anyways.

Version History

-SC230 Support! (ultra beta)
-New! LCARS interface option is now available for Virtual Control mode! Either check it out or turn in your geek license!
-New! You can check if you have the most current version by selecting Tools*Check For Update... in the systems editor.
-New: Splash screen
-New: Revised UI. Eliminated the startup "wizard". Most functions are now performed in the System Editor
-New: Access frequent functions using the new toolbar
-New: Autodetect COM port settings
-You can now customize program preferences. These include turning off nag warnings, automatic checking for updates,
and you can now turn off Canadian mode if you want.
-More tool tips to help blind users
-Upload and download screens now save your preferences
-You can now create a new system by left clicking on the tree

-Revised dialog box for creating a new system.
-With the new firmware, P25 levels are no longer adjustable. As a result P25 adjustment is not available anymore.
-Default audio type for a conventional channel is now All with CTCSS set to none. This is to permit P25 demodulation by default.
-New channels no longer get a default name, since what's the point?
-396 Users: Some of the upload/download code had to get updated. I dont have a 396 to test on, so you might encounter a problem. If you do, report it to scannow.org so it can be fixed.
-Data skip defaults to off for conventional systems
-You no longer have to have a system created in order to save a file.
-The Duplicate finder window is now resizable
-The iPod interface now centres everything, just like a real iPod
-There is a new feature coming that will let you associate images and colours with channels. These will display in Virtual Control mode.
-It doesn't work yet in 0.6 but will when .6A comes out.

-Improved sorting of systems by QKs (Thanks ems170)
-(Hopefully) Fixed fire tone out problems with 330/396 (Agains thanks to ems170 for reporting this)
-Fixed bug that caused downloaded channels count to be slightly off (Thanks Jack)
-Fixed bug that could cause a hangup when uploading to a 15 (Thanks Ed)
-"Blank" entry from favourites is gone
-Fixed bug that caused all data to be lost if you closed down the program and elected to choose "cancel"
when asked if you wanted to save changes.

Have fun!
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Apr 30, 2008
Is there a way to change/brighten up the text color? The faint green on black is painfully hard to read.

Please advise.

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