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Freescan Multiple site and talkgroups question

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Oct 22, 2004
North Carolina
Hello and new to the board and my new BCD396XT as well. I have a question regarding setting up a system and then adding different sites to it. The system will be trunk-ed. I understand that I can setup a conventional system and have multiple sites listed under that. For example different county's for each site but under the one system. But my real question is can I create a new trunk-ed system and have different trunk-ed sites under that? I have one setup like that so I know it works, but I don't have any talkgroups listed as I only have it setup in ID-Search mode. Now If I start adding these different trunk ed sites how do I know which talkgorups go with each site as FreeSCAN just lists them one by one on the left side of the screen? Does anyone know? Just wondering on this, or would it be easier to just add each trunk-ed system as a separate system and then just add separate groups for each of the talkgroups?
To give a better example, I have the Highway department programmed into the scanner a seperate site for each county, there are no talkgroups I have it scan mode. But If I wanted to add talkgroups how do I add them say for each site for each county? Can this be done this way or would it be better to just have separate systems say for utilities, and pub safety as each has there own set of frequency's and talkgroups.

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