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Freescan: FreeSCAN on Minty Wine, lockup[ importing from RR & crashing upload / download

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Jan 6, 2014
Concrete, WA
Hi all,

Working on updating my BC396XT with a laptop Running Mint Linux 18 and Wine (32-bit prefix per instructions here on RR). Same setup works on another laptop running Windows7 (64-bit).

So far communications with the radio and edit features of FreeSCAN 2.17 & 2.18-beta6 are working except for two serious problems.

1) First and most annoying is that I cannot use the RR import feature, FreeSCAN simply locks up "Connecting..." until Wine eventual decides the program is frozen and prompts to kill it, or I manual kill it. If i install winbind, RR import works, but I cannot load or save any files with FreeSCAN. Remove winbind and files work again, but no import connectivity.

2) Complete full upload / download crashes in ways that appear there is a memory leak or bit corruption occurring in FreeSCAN during upload / download. (Some of the errors and memory pages seem to indicate there may be a bitwise 32/64 but programmatic issue, but alas the .NET tools will not load up in a 64-bit prefix, so I can not test FreeSCAN in a 64-bit prefix)

a) I'm not able to do a complete erase and upload of all frequencies, even after optimization checks to verify no corrupt entries. The upload will fail after about 50-90% complete with an error about the radio resources. But manual selecting a few systems at a time and uploading until all systems are uploaded works, so I do not believe it has to do with corrupted entries.

b) Trying to do a full download by doing a factory reset of the radio and full download of the factory preloaded configuration results in exception errors and a huge mess of duplicate and corrupted entries in FreeSCAN. (Although I was able to do a full download of my much smaller personal program.)

So far the upload / download issues do appear to be a memory leak / corruption issue, but the RR import is something different.

Is anyone else having such issues with Mint 18 & Wine?
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