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Freq. does not work

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Sep 3, 2011
In Michigan, Isabella County, Radio Ref. shows frequencies that "used" to work, as I monitored them.

They are freq. for ICTC County and city Buses which I ride. Radio Ref. shows 453.8750 and 452.4000, but when listening to them now, it sounds like a 'Trunked system'. nothing but rumbeling noise in stead of voices.

Help, would like to monitor them again please, saves me waiting out in bad weather for bus. Too old for that


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Jul 17, 2011
Central Michigan
RR actually shows this:
453.87500 KNBW380 RM 151.4 PL ITC Coutny 1 ICTC Buses - Countywide FM Transportation

453.40000 WQFQ256 RM ITC Intown 2 ICTC Buses - Mount Pleasant FM Transportation

452.47500 WPWB462 RM ITC Buses 3 ICTC Buses Telm Transportation

I believe 453.40000 is what you want, not 452.40000. Also note the PL on 453.875...The third freq (452.475) Shows as "Telm", i.e. Telemetry (Data)

Hope this helps..
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