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Frequencies, santee, san diego

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Welcome to the RadioReference forums. We have a variety forums on here to choose from so it's important to post your question or request to the proper forum to get the best answer. At the top of the busy forums are Stickies which guide you where to post your question. I've moved your post from the General Scanning forum to this one as it's most applicable. In GenScan is a sticky (below) that helps with where to post. Please make note. Thanks.



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Welcome Ricardo. I hope you have a digital scanner because everything you are asking about is on the San Diego RCS system with the exception of San Diego which is on it's own trunk system. Software to program your scanner will be immensely helpful. Here is the link for the RCS system.
Scanner Frequencies: San Diego, County of (RCS - Public Safety) Trunking System, Various, California

And here is the link to the San Diego trunk system.
Scanner Frequencies: San Diego, City of (Public Safety) Trunking System, San Diego, California

Good luck and hang in there. You have a bit of learning to do but it will come eventually.
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