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Yaesu: FT-270R charging

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Dec 12, 2016
Durham NC
I am using a FT-270R HT too, purchased in 2014. Every time I turn it on it shows the battery voltage.
It came with the Ni-MH battery pack and a Desktop charger SBH-13.
The SBH-13 requires the phone to be off before inserting, but also allows the battery pack alone to be charged. Guess, if you have a spare battery pack that is useful.

The charger also has a red LED in the front center and my observations are:
- blinking red while charging
- red solid when almost finished
- led off after a while longer when finished (over charged?).

I noticed that the voltage displayed (turn on HT) when "over charged" is 8.4V and it is a bit smelly. when you sniff it. During use the voltage drops down slowly and currently (testing how low it goes before shut-off) it is 7.2V

I have been told to run the NI-MH down till a battery symbol appears (to avoid to many charge cycles) and then recharge again.

I can't find any info if I need to stop charging with a solid red light or when the LED is off again.

Does anyone know?

Not open for further replies.