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Jul 9, 2004
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UPMAN does not accept private messages so I will post my message here.

I have been scanning the airwaves using Uniden Bearcat since the early 80's. In my opinion, they have been the best radio scanners ever made. I would like to suggest to UPMAN and the Uniden product engineers that they (for future consideration) use the receiver in the BC898T combined with the technology of the BCD996XT.

I would also like to have the menu option to turn the encryption mute on and off. And of course being able to monitor all of the different digital modulations.

I know you developed the BCD996XT for base and mobile use, but consider using the size and shape of the BC898T for a future scanner. It's easier to navigate because the location of the keys and controls.

I have owned and/or operated almost all Uniden scanners over the years and the BC898T has one of the best receivers I have ever used.

Don't get me wrong, my BC125AT, BCD396XT and BCD996XT all have good receivers, but I favor my BC898T.

To all the men and women at the Uniden Corporation, keep up the great work! Your fellow consumers enjoy your products very much!
Dec 19, 2002
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I had a 895XLT and loved the size of the 'base' radio. You could read the screen, my eyes are getting older:(. Mobile radios were for your vehicles, such as the 760XLT I had. Uniden needs to start making base, mobile, and handheld models.
Another thing, GET RID OF THE BUTTON on the back of the HT's! They did it for the 125, do it for the next new HT.
Paul, there are more of us that think like this that buy scanners.
Someone said in another post about modules for different types of digital modes. Another great idea. Times have changed. Lets move on Uniden!
May 28, 2009
Simple / Advanced mode for DMA management

How about a fall-back power-on option for those that find the DMA System > Group > Channel concept too frustrating or overkill, yet want the advanced performance from the higher end radios?

While most of my listening is conventional, I take full advantage of the existing DMA concept.

However, some may appreciate say a power-on keypress simple/advanced mode change to a simpler format that more or less emulates the 2-dimensional bank and channel, and does away with groups. Pre-define say 20 systems with their own SQK's, yet still allow for the user to add more if they want.

This way they still have the freedom of nearly unlimited system memory for each system, and provide a way to get their feet wet with custom SQK programming...

Don't get me wrong - I love my conventional Unidens like the 75xlt and 125xlt, but still do serious work with my 396xt and a full 3-dimensional DMA structure. Yet I can see instances of where a 396 with a "simple" mode fallback might be useful to those who don't need a lot of organization, yet want the performance and additional bells and whistles provided by the higher end units.

Just a thought....
May 8, 2002
And I would suggest Uniden to learn from other companies (such as GRE) and add immediately P25 X2 Decode ... in addition to other open digital protocols as the DMR and also to add DBV-T audio decode so TV and radio will be decodable ......


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Jun 26, 2001
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also to add DBV-T audio decode so TV and radio will be decodable ......
I think you mean DVB-T which is a standard almost everywhere BUT North America.

Since the target audience will be North America, I don't think it would be worth the added expense to add it.
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