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GFC Frequencies

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Jun 24, 2008
Can anyone provide me with the frequencies, DCS/PL/NAC tones and locations for the GFC repeaters in Hall, Banks, Habersham, Jackson, Madison and Oglethorpe county areas. Also can someone tell me what a central response repeater is? I'm not sure if they're using analog or P25. When I've seen them they have all been carrying Midland STP-105 portables, which surprised me, I figured they'd be using APX, XTS or BK radios.Recently I've been on several event with them and I'd like to be able to monitor them however the frequencies I have tried have all been inactive...that said I'm not sure what exactly I should be monitoring or how things are set up with GFC.


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Oct 18, 2014
The frequencies here are for the most part correct.

GA Forestry Commission Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference

Each repeater in the district uses the same TX/RX freq's but with different PL's. There are a few places where they have added repeaters to fill dead spots that doest follow the same TX/RX scheme. They are not digital. Use too, Central Response was the district headquarters and at night it would be the main headquarter in Macon.

Here is the map of the districts.

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