Gin pole pulley?

Feb 5, 2016
Hello All,

I have a pole that I want to use as a mast.... But I'm trying to figure out how to lift it without a crane.... I'm thinking of using a gin pole as that seems a good alternative to hiring a crane (I will need to take it down and re-erect from time to time so I need something that I can use without the expense of repeated crane rentals.)

So.....I'd like to find a pulley to fit atop a 2" pipe to serve as my gin pole and pulley system.... Does anyone have a link to such a 'critter'? Thanks...
Jun 30, 2006
So Cal - Richardson, TX - Tewksbury, MA
For light/medium duty jobs I've made my own Gin Pole using an antenna clamp set from a large Stationmaster antenna, a 15ft length of 2" fence post and a suitable pulley from the hardware store. Its been more than adequate to do a one man install of Rohn 25 tower.