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Glossary and scanner choice

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Dec 15, 2016
Grand Rapids MI (Kent County)
There are many acronyms and after reading the wiki definitions/articles I still don't understand exactly what I'll need. My other posts have me strongly leaning to 996P2. I've been listening to police, fire and EMS in Kent county (Grand Rapids) MI on an analog scanner. Will I need DMR, ProVoice, NXDN? I think I remember a member saying NXDN is not available on the 996P2. Is that something that could be an upgrade in the future? When buying, I would rather spend a little more now and know I'll be good for a number of years.

Do I also understand that I could be using Freescan or ProScan and the RR database to be programming my desired settings before I even purchase a scanner?

Thanks. I appreciate all who have posted over many months and have helped novices like myself. I have learned much while reading hours of posts.
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