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Sep 20, 2006
Clint Eastwood to film next 'Dirty Harry' in Michigan, report says

Tom Long / The Detroit News

Rumors are rampant that Clint Eastwood is gunning to make a film in Michigan this summer, spurred by the recent tax incentives for filmmakers signed into law this month.

"Gran Torino," which may be the sixth installment in Eastwood's "Dirty Harry" series of cop thrillers, is supposedly set in Minnesota.

But according to WZZM 13 News in Grand Rapids, Malpaso, Eastwood's production company, has confirmed the film will actually be shot in Michigan because of the incentives, which include a 40-percent rebate on production costs.

Calls from the News to Malpaso were not returned.

No specific locations for the film have yet been disclosed. Janet Lockwood of the Michigan Film Office said Wednesday it was too early to confirm that Eastwood would be shooting the film here.

If he does, it will be the first major film to come to Michigan because of the new incentives, and it's believed that Gov. Jennifer Granholm would make the official announcement.

There is speculation that "Gran Torino" might be released in December, although that would be a breathtakingly fast turnaround for a major film. Eastwood is known for working quickly when he wants to, but he also already has another film, "The Changeling," starring Angelina Jolie, scheduled for a November release.

Still, he released "Flags of Our Fathers" and "Letters from Iwo Jima" within months of one another in 2006, and released "Million Dollar Baby" late in December of 2004 in order to qualify for Oscar consideration.

Variety.com has reported that the 77-year-old Eastwood will both direct and star in "Gran Torino," which is budgeted at $20 million.

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Jan 27, 2006
Macomb, MI.
What was the movie with Clint Eastwood and the orangutan? They should make another one of those movies here in Michigan and they could use Granholm to play the orangutan!!!
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