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Golden Gate Division Area Map?

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Mar 24, 2003
Saratoga, CA
Does anyone have a good map or the boundary identifiers such county lines, roads, or other landmarks that define the Golden Gate CHP patrol area?
Jun 24, 2005
bakersfield, california
take a look at the attached map
i hope it will help ya out

301 Golden Gate Division - Vallejo
Location Office Units Channel Base Mobile Tone
Golden Gate Comm Center 318 119
Contra Costa 320 19 Maroon 42.92 42.74 131.8
Napa 325 21 Grape 42.42 42.66 131.8
Redwood City 330 91 Amber 42.08 42.82 131.8
San Francisco 335 32 Pink 42.44 42.76 131.8
San Jose 340 24 Ruby 42.50 42.28 131.8
West San Jose 340 119 Ruby 42.50 42.28 131.8
Hayward 345 25 Aqua 42.62 42.84 131.8
Nimitz Inspection Facility 347 126 Aqua 42.62 42.84 131.8
Marin 350 34 Violet 42.16 42.64 131.8
Santa Rosa 360 17 Emerald 42.88 42.20 131.8
Solano 365 22 Turquoise 42.60 42.02 131.8
Cordelia Inspection Facility 366 127 Turquoise 42.60 42.02 131.8
Oakland 370 96 Bronze 42.12 42.40 131.8
Dublin 390 118 Aqua 42.62 42.84 131.8
Mission Grade Inspection Facility 391 Aqua 42.62 42.84 131.8
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Mar 24, 2003
Saratoga, CA
Golden Gate Division Map

Thanks for the input. I've seen this map before but was looking for a little more detail like county lines or roads that define the exact boundary of the Golden Gate Division. The map you provided leaves some interpretation of where the eastern and southern boundary lines really fall. If some one has more definitive info, I appreciate it. From the initial response, I'm not sure anyone has anything to add. Thanks again for you input.


DB Admin
Dec 19, 2002
The LA area detail map on Freq of Nature is probably what you're looking for, only a version for the Bay Area.

After just having done some BCD-996 gps-enabled programming for CHP statewide, I can totally understand what you're looking for, but after spending hours googling, I didn't find anything either. :(
Aug 3, 2004
Well, the boundaries I do know about:

Bronze (Oakland):
Northern limit: Appian Way @ 80
Southern limit: Davis @ 880 / Estudillo @ 580
Eastern limit: Caldacot tunnel @ 24
Western limit: Bay Bridge toll plaza

Aqua (Hayward/Dublin):
Northern limit: Davis @ 880 / Estudillo @ 580 / ? @ 680
Southern limit: Stevenson @ 880 (?) / ? @ 680

Pink (SF):
Southern limit: 280/101 @ 380
Eastern limit: Bay Bridge toll plaza

Maroon (CoCo):
Northern limit: Carquinez bridge @ 80 / Bridge @ 680 / Antioch Bridge @ 160 (?)

Most of these have been determined by listening to the various units inquiring about "is this Hayward's handle", etc.
May 12, 2004
San Francisco Area
SF/RWC and Hwy 1.

Unless there have been recent changes, SF covers down through Devil's Slide. RWC picks up at Montara and all the way down to the San Mateo/Santa Cruz county line--one (beautiful) long stretch of road.

I've also heard RWC calls on the San Mateo Bridge (Hwy.92) high-rise section, but don't know if that goes all the way to the toll plaza, or just to the county line mid-span.


Database Admin
May 16, 2003
Placer County, California
I've been told by CHP officers I used to work with that on most divided highways (such as grades and bridges) that are boundaries to beats, the area that has the entrance will take the whole stretch until an interchange or crossover. So, for instance, on the Bay bridges, the peninsula units would cover all the way to the east sides of the bridge, only for the eastbound traffic. The east Bay units would do the same for the westbound traffic (assuming the same method is used there). That's how it was done down south were I worked.
Feb 23, 2007
I believe that the southern boundries forthe Hayward Office (25xx units,Aqua) are I-880 @ Dixon Landing Road and I-680 @ Scott Creek Rd. and pretty close to the actual countyline bountries.

The southern boundries for the Redwood City Office (91xx,Amber) are somewhat confusing. The US-101 boundry seems to be at SR-237, where the San Jose Office(24xx,Ruby) picks up south of SR-237. The I-280 bountry seems to be at the I-280/SR-85 Interchange, where San Jose picks up I-280 south of SR-85 and the Monterey Office picks up SR-85 south of I-280. The stretch of SR-85 between I-280 and US-101 seems to be covered by San Jose, however Redwood City takes alot of the calls if San Jose is 10-6. It appears that Redwood City covers alot of northern Santa Clara county around the SR-85 corridor.

The San Mateo Bridge is a strange one, but this is what I have witnessed. The units that handle incidents on the eastbound side are handled by Redwood City, along with any eastbound radar traps where they sit at Pier 1 and anyone of the substation pullouts and radio ahead to the (citation writing) unit usually located at the Toll Booth/Hayward side. These speed enforcement units work simplex on the Amber because they can work their details and be in position for any eastbound speeding/reckless/drunk driving reports. Any incidents on the westbound side are dispatched from the Hayward side since they are most likely in position to respond. It the incident location is sketchy, then both sides will send units until the exact location is determined. Ditto that for any Fire & Rescue units that are dispatched also. There is also the lone Hayward unit that parks in the Tool Booth parking lot and shoots radar at the eastbound traffic as the cars leave the bridge, he will most likely be on his primary channel (Aqua). The RWC units that sit on the westbound (Foster City) side right after the bridge will be on the Amber.
Mar 31, 2006
All I want to know is what happened to the air unit (airplane) they used for speed enforcement up at Red Top in Solano county.
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