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Good HF Antenna?

Jun 30, 2006
So Cal - Richardson, TX - Tewksbury, MA
That would have been in Richardson, TX, a couple of miles down the road from my Texas ham station..

There used to be such a "farm" owned by Collins/TI (Don't remember) east of highway 75 north of Dallas...very large open space with a number of different types of antennas. The only place I ever saw a log-periodic HF multielement beam!
There'ya go, more than you ever wanted to know...
Feb 28, 2019
For what it's worth, worrying about so-called NVIS antennas is a waste of time. Almost every wire antenna I have ever had falls in that NVIS category. That has not stopped me from doing several awards, WAS, WAC, and few non-ARRL awards requiring far off station contacts.
The one wire antenna that was the exception to that NVIS thing was a temporary one with the feed point about 50 feet high and the ends something like 20 feet up. That was at work, was moved to a different station so had to come down.