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Goshen County Traffic

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Jul 17, 2004
Lagrange, WY
I have both the conventional freqs and Wyolink setup with trunk TGIDs for Goshen County. I don't hear much of anything. Once in a while I get the Sheriff 1 (TGID 1000) to have something but little else on Wyolink for Goshen co. I get some stuff from Laramie County on Wyolink but not much else.

Is most all of the Goshen co. traffic moved onto Wyolink? I'm starting to think much of it isn't on Wyolink and I can't pickup a lot of the conventional as I am in Lagrange (geographically in an RF hole). Perhaps it's just that quiet here all the time.

Does anyone monitor USAF in Goshen Co? Just curious for the setup.



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Aug 23, 2002
All depends on who is in affliated to the tower local to you.

If no radios, or radios not using talkgroups you monitor are affliated to your local site, you won't hear much/anything.

Goshen is pretty much all on WyoLink for emergency services looking at the DB.

I'm sure if you travel to Torrington, you'd hear all sorts of traffic.
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