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Dec 19, 2002
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Hi All,

This is a list of archived stickies that have been consolidated from the GRE forum and put them in a single thread for reference.

Some threads will still be opened for discussion.

General Threads:

Has GRE Closed??

Technical Difficulties - Heap Errors What is it and how do I fix it?

CES New Product Announcement

Thread Here

New PSR-310/410

Radio ID's: Posting Guidelines

Radio ID's


Thread Here


Thread Here

Programming the GRE 500/600 scanners for rebanded Motorola trunked systems

Programming the GRE 500/600 scanners

GRE PSR 800 Post Release Thread

keypad area wear / silk screen psr-800

GRE-PSR 300-post-release-thread

Thread Here

GRE-120 Post Release Thread"]Thread Here

Past Firmware Update Threads:

Firmware Available for PSR-300/400

PSR-300/400 CPU Firmware 1.6 Available

PSR-310/410 CPU Firmware Update 1.4

CPU Firmware U1.5 Thread Here

PSR-500/600 CPU Firmware U2.0

PSR-500/600 Firmware Update

PSR-500/600 CPU Firmware 1.8 DSP 1.4

New PSR-500 firmware

GRE Releases PSR-500/600 CPU Firmware U1.7

PSR-500/600 Firmware U1.7

PSR800 Firmware update wants

PSR-800 CPU 1.2 & PC App 1.03 updates

PSR-800 CPU 1.5 & PC App 1.5 updates

PSR-800 CPU/Software Update 1.6 (07-25-12)

PSR-800 Firmware U1.8 (01-15-13)

P25 Phase 2 Firmware update for PSR 800

Take care
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