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Great place for hardware/Lightning protection

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Feb 13, 2012
Jacksonville, FL
I am new to the forum and have found lots helpfull and accurate info that has guided me in the right direction!;). I was reciently looking to purchase some hardware mainly lightning/grounding wire, and instantly thought of my other hoby: Home brewing beer! And the one place I have always had a great expierence with is McMasterCarr.com. For example, last night around 1630 CST I ordered 30ft of aluminum lightning wire and some hardware for around $38 bucks. And wouldn't ya know I got home today around 1530 and on my doorstep was a box from McMaster! I couldn't believe it;). Not that every thing will show up that quick but it sure is nice to have companies out there that really service their customers;). So take a look and do a quick search, I am sure you will be satisfied:). Note I do not work or represent for McMaster, just a guy who likes a good company.
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