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Guelph City Services - Talkgroup update

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Jun 30, 2015
Guelph, ON
Guelph City Services - Guelph City Services Trunking System, Guelph, Ontario - Scanner Frequencies
has completed migration from their old analogue system to a DMR Cap+ system.
The old system was common to all departments which required they use a colour designation to distinguish departments. Since each department now uses it's own talk group colour reference in the Alpha Tag / Description fields can be omitted.
Here are the current talk groups that have been monitored over the past several months:

TG Department

10 Parking Enforcement
11 Recreation/Parks
13 Sanitation
14 Recycle Plant
15 Waste Collection
18 Works Seasonal Ops
20 Special Events
23 Bylaw Enforcement
24 Security Services
25 River Run Centre
40 Guelph Transit
42 Transit Mgmt.
43 Mobility Services

The analogue repeaters that were used on the old system have been quiet for the past two weeks. This confirms that Guelph Transit has fully migrated to their talk groups.
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