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Gwinnett Co Fire MAYDAY CALL Last Sunday

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Feb 13, 2002
Birmingham, AL
I was en route to Charlotte, NC for a meeting. Passing through Gwinnett Sunday 11/13. Between 2:00 and 2:30 (14:00-14:30) time frame,

Gwinnett Engine 30 and other companies were on a working structure fire. Fireground Ch 10

I soon heard the most dramatic radio traffic I've ever heard on a fireground channel.

Using Fground Chan 10, E-30 firefighter 30-B came on radio: MAYDAY - MAYDAY. He then stated that he was lost inside and running low on air. Somehow became separated from his team. Heavy smoke obviously.

His colleagues 30-A and 30-C asked that he begin tapping the floor so they could follow the sound. He advised that he was using his pike pole on the floor. He was heard but 30-A and 30-C were getting low on air too.

As soon as this all began, it sounded like the Batallion Chief (on scene commander) initiated an alert tone on Fground ch-10. He alerted all personell on scene. He asked Dispatch for an additional full alarm response.

I can't remember if it was a crew from Squad 24 or Squad 14 that went inside to complete the rescue.

Successful rescue of Firefighter 30-B.

I'm writing this based on a week old recollection. You may have seen a news story that had better details.

This serves as a reminder that many truly good people who serve in fire-rescue, ems, and law enforcement are in harm's way daily. In a moment, things can turn dangerous on a dime.

God Bless those in emergency services.
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