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Happy Easter

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Jan 27, 2008
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It's Easter Sunday. Jesus has risen. Today is a day to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and remember his teachings of tolerance and love for thy neighbor not the bigotry and hatred that in recent years has infested the christian religion and political arena. it's time for the true Christians to take back our religion from the knuckle dragging Neanderthal bigots who have been using the Christian faith to push a political agenda. Its time we get back to the true teachings of Christ and not mans perversion of his teachings. Remember Jesus was of middle Eastern decent meaning he was likely dark skinned and he would have been considered a liberal. He was crucified on the cross for his liberal teachings of love and tolerance. He fed and clothed the poor and healed the sick, he hung around sinners of all kinds teaching them the word of Christ while at the same time tolerating and understanding their sinning. Remember the Bible is a tool to teach it was not a tool to be used to bash your fellow neighbor over the head with and command compliance to a political agenda.
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