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Harris Corporation Awarded $9 Million Contract by Franklin County, North Carolina

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Dec 23, 2001
Ann Arbor, Michigan
BOSTON -- Harris Corporation an international communications and information technology company, received a $9 million contract from Franklin County, North Carolina, to upgrade its legacy analog emergency communications to a Harris P25(IP) (Project 25 to the power of Internet Protocol) solution. The P25(IP) trunked simulcast voice solution also includes an analog channel for tone paging and will improve radio communication, coverage and regional interoperability for agencies and first responders in the county's ten townships, which cover more than 495 square miles and serves approximately 270 users.

Harris Corporation Awarded $9 Million Contract by Franklin County, North Carolina, to Upgrade Emergency Communications Network - MarketWatch
Dec 19, 2002
Mooresville, NC
Here is a link to the local paper's front page with story on the radio upgrades.

The Franklin Times

FRONT PAGE on The Franklin Times

Unfortunately, you cannot read the full story without subscribing.

It's unfortunate that the county didn't already take advantage of infrastructure being put into place by the State of North Carolina on the VIPER System. So much for frugal use of tax dollars! My guess it would have cost them no where near the $9 million to join VIPER versus going their own way. I beleive somebody got snowed by a really good, fast talking radio salesperson!
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