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Harvard gym restriction stirs controversy

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Oct 12, 2004
Pearland TX
It is only 6 hours a week for cryin'-out-loud. Six hours out of the 168. God forbid if someone in this country wants to practice another religion other than Christianity. This country was founded on freedom of religion, so all religions (even if the are dumb a$$ "religions" like Scientology and Wicca) should be accommodated in some way.

Rant over....I've found my happy place again!:D
Dec 15, 2000
Well, since Harvard must have several gymns, what's wrong with the school having a couple of single sex gyms, one for women and one for men? Don't segregate by religion, but by gender. There are many female only gyms and workout studios, and nobody seems to complain about it. Women flock to them because they don't feel like they are being ogled all the time, and can relax. If they have children, they feel more secure because most predators, unfortunately, are men.

So, I vote for the single gender gyms, but based on gender, not religion. Otherwise, will Harvard have to have special times for Catholic Men Only, Jewish Men Only, Baptist Women Only (Wednesday nights????), Agnostics and Atheist Nights, etc.? This is something that can seriously get out of hand quickly, unless calm heads can make a decent decision. And, if I recall correctly, wasn't (isn't?) Harvard a religious institution (which would support the separate gender facilities), or has that gone by the wayside because of the various Title (choose your Roman Numeral here) laws regarding equal schooling?
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