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Have to listen to public safety feeds?

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Feb 28, 2007
I got the idea for this post from the question about what's the most dangerous city to be a police officer.

My question is, being that so many radio scanners are put online now of days, what are the cities/areas that are basically a must listen?

What I mean is, if someone wanted to hear some hardcore police stuff and some insane stuff, what scanner feed would you recommend they listen to?

So far, I've listed to NYPD Special Operations Division and at times hear some strange and wild things, but I've just been listening to Sacramento County/City and at least tonight I've been hearing way more then what I've heard on the NYPD SOD.

So again, I'm curious what you all think are wild and insane public safety feeds to listen to online.

EDIT: I've just started to listen to San Diego and it doesn't sound that bad.

EDIT 2: It looks like most areas in California are just exciting to listen to. It doesn't seem like California is afraid to hide stuff on the radios. I hear criminal histories, stake-outs, suspects dropped drugs, and all kinds of wild stuff. It's way different in Pennsylvania (where I live) and New York. In those two states, they seem to say way less on the radio, and I know in Pennsylvania they say "Act 64" instead of saying "possible drug activity". On one Sacramento feed, I heard an officer say a guy dropped crack cocaine and also another officer joked seriously saying, "You wanna come in this house and get a whiff of the chemicals" after asking the officer something about breaking down the door. I swear, it seems like in CA, they sometimes joke with each other on the scanner. I never seem to hear that on any PA/NY system that I ever listened to.
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