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Help identifying a light duty antenna tower

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Sep 25, 2018
Hello, all. This is my first post here. I am trying to identify a used tower that I picked up recently. It is light duty, and has quite unique bracing that I have not seen anywhere else.

The tower comes in 10' sections, each using 5/8" tubing in the standard triangular arrangement for the vertical members. These are held together in their triangle by 1/4" steel rod. There is a zig-zag (not Rohn-style) bracing on both sides of each vertical running up the full length of each section. This zig-zag bracing is made from 3/16" steel rod. The sections bolt together and have pins to align the tubes of one section to the next.

The base section's triangular cross-section has the vertical tubes spaced 13" on center-to-center. It tapers in its last 24" to 10.5" center-to-center.

The second through fourth sections are straight and maintain this 10.5" center-to-center tube spacing.

The fifth section begins with a tube spacing at 10.5" center to center, but tapers to 8" center-to center over its last 24".

The sixth and final section begins at 8" center-to center, but tapers to 4" center-to-center over its last 36", and has a top plate with a hole in it for a 2" OD mast/tube to extend out its top.

You can find a photo of it here: https://imgur.com/a/yycaz9g

If I were to put all of the sections together, it would make a tower 60' tall, but that is NOT my plan. I'm looking to put together 3 or 4 sections to get a 30' or 40' tower, and I will use this to support a few wire antennas and dual-band (2m/70cm) vertical at the top. I'll be securing this to the side of my house at about 18' above ground.

I'm trying to track down more information on the tower so that I can get some ratings for it. One of my colleagues said he thought it was an instrument tower, but I haven't been able to find any photos of anything that resembles it; the vertical zig-zag bracing is really unique.

Thanks for your time and any help you might be able to provide!
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