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Help! PSR-300 trunking ID issue

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Aug 28, 2016
Sacramento, Ca.
Ok. So I've got a PSR-300 scanner and it works great. Actually I've had it for a while and i just figured out how to use the trunking mode. I've entered all the frequencies for my area and the surrounding areas(Sacramento,Ca.). There's tons of chatter and stuff going on but the problem is when i try to enter text id's for the talk groups. Whenever i enter a text id so i know what agency i'm hearing the scanner goes silent after I've entered one? It continues scanning but it wont stop on anything. If i manually go through the channels everyone is still there and talking but as soon as i set it to scan again it goes silent. The only way to fix it so far is reset the whole thing and re-enter all the frequencies. Then if i try to enter talk group id's and name them it does the same thing again! Its really frustrating! Not to mention tedious having to re-set and re-enter the frequencies over and over. Id like to see exactly who is talking by adding text to the id's and id like to lock out all the non-publicly safety related chatter. What the heck am i doing wrong?
Not open for further replies.