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Hey UPMan Dude!

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Apr 25, 2004
SE Florida
Pretty righteous update there, Paul. Thank you!

I was about to list the HP-1 on evilBay. I discovered the V2 update late last night and found the new capabilities in ARC-Patrol. P25 NAC search and display (like P25 carrier squelch with incoming NAC display), as well as PL & DPL search and display (CSQ with code display). Now I can program my P25 channels that have multiple NAC codes (like the IRS) with one entry. And now I can run a favorite list version in code search mode. I also noticed you added the function of scanning the RR database and any favorite list you want, so I can add my fed stuff to the default database stuff. Scan delay too! I asked for “tools” to help search out stuff, and you delivered. Nice touches on the volume and alert thing.

So that “Ready for Prime Time” thread I posted with these suggestions that got locked down for “nothing of value here” was of some value after all, huh? I’m sure others wanted these features, as well. I’m glad you incorporated these, and many more. Rectangle GPS…Outstanding! The little box got some tools in it now. I’m still contemplating the advanced upgrade. It’s a little pricey. We’ll see if it makes sense, but the standard updates are really useful.

Just some early notes…I wish the code display would continue to display during the delay hang time. Sometimes I look over to see the code and it is too late. Yes, I know a different code could be received after the initial, but the display could change to the new code when it is detected. I just need time to see it (them).

I tested the HP-1 in some Florida counties that had P25 trunked systems and it bombed big time (before version 2). Lake, Polk, Leon, and Marion systems don’t work and miss 95% of the traffic. I tested the same systems on my GRE PSR-600 and got all the traffic without a problem. Is this a P25 bug or something? I even analyzed these systems on the HP-1 and the control channels are picking up plenty of signal. I hope this is fixed in V2.

The P25 audio is lower and somewhat bass heavy compared to the analog audio. This is with the AGC turned on. I have to crank the volume on the car stereo to hear P25, and then the analog blows me away with too much volume.

Some stations are clipping audio on modulation peaks. The audio just drops out. I first noticed this listening to channel 19 CB in AM mode. We all know CB’ers like to run 200% modulation, so I miss out on some of the traffic because of this. I also noticed it on Low Band FM stations on rare occasion.

Overall this little box is now a useful device, and it has great user interface control. I wish it had louder and more robust audio. Have you considered making an optional docking station that has a hefty amp and speakers to boost the audio at home or in a vehicle?

Anyway, thanks again. That “Extreme” update really is extreme. Its like a new scanner! One I can use. I may be a bit direct with my comments, and it may appear "harsh", but I mean well. I'm happy to see that you do listen.

QUICK EDIT: I forgot to mention the WX channel thing...It would be nice if the WX channel did not change when I turn off/on the scanner, or upload/download. I do use the WX alert when I sleep, but many times it defaults to the wrong channel. It would be better if it stayed on the channel I set it at. ~
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